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Like Those Stock Buys ? Use Options Instead!

I was called today be a buddy of mine who has a keen eye for stock plays, and is of a conservative bent. We both agree that this stock market is not yet ready to soar, although it has temporarily found a bottom. We both think it’s going to rally a bit on recent government […]


How To Play Uncertainty to Goose Your Wallet

As I write this, the corona virus has swept the entire planet, leaving death and economic destruction in its wake. Click image to view in larger format Think its all over? Well, your a lot braver than I am, and in a few weeks you’ll be a good bit poorer, I fear. I expect a […]


The Corona Virus May Kill You or Make You Money

The world is being ravaged by the corona virus. As I write this it has spread to 56 countries in two months, sickening more than 90,000 people and causing over 3000 deaths. Though as many people die from influenza, corona has been demonstrated to have about 1000 times the infectiousness. It has already humbled China’s […]


Hedging Your Portfolio Against A Big Market Meltdown

Markets are just recovering from the biggest 1 week drop in market history, as the corona virus sends economies and markets reeling. Here’s what my technical analysis of the SPY (S&P 500 proxy) reveals. Click image to view larger picture Given that opinion, here’s one way you could create a very effective downside hedge to […]

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