How the Jolts Market Works

TradeJolt's Jolt Market section creates a central point for the exchange of unique trading opportunities matching trading gurus Jolt Makers to to active traders Jolt Takers . The Jolt Market features numerous short term trades Jolts with very attractive risk/reward ratios.These Jolt Deals are comprised of stock, options and cryptocurrency trades, generally of a short- to medium-term nature. Most Jolt Deal opportunities span a matter of hours, days or weeks, although there is not an imposed maximum time limitation.

Jolt Makers participate to increase the revenue they make from their own trades by leveraging their knowledge manyfold and being paid for it. In addition to identifying great Jolt Deals, Jolt Makers publish detailed instructions (Jolt Guidance) for how to best take advantage of the deal in question. Unlike aJolt Deals, the corresponding Jolt Guidance has a fee to access it which is determined by the Jolt Maker. This fee is only paid by those Jolt Takers who choose to see the detailed strategic trading instructions.

The TradeJolt website itself benefits financially by levying an operator fee as a percentage of the collected receipts.

Why would someone want to pay for a Jolt Guidance? Because this guidance consists of the author's specific, step-by-step instructions as to how to execute the trade, how to time it properly, how to execute the trade properly to avoid missing the trade or overpaying for it, and how to exit the trade at the best possible time to maximize profits or minimize losses.

This is where the Jolt Maker adds the most value, and for which they are financially incentivized to do so. The Jolt Makers themselves decide the amount they want to charge, but this cannot be changed after publication. The Jolt Makers are free to stop the publication of the specific Jolt Menu at any time. This makes sense if the trade is no longer effective due to pricing changes. While this limits the Jolt Maker's earnings, a failure to do so would likely lead to lower user rankings and lesser future earnings.

In order to ensure top quality of the Jolt Deals and the Jolt Guidance, the Jolts Market makes heavy usage of both editorial scrutiny and user ratings.

All site participants have free access to the Jolt Deals. They can also see the ratings other users have given to these deals. However, only subscribed members who have provided identification will be able to rate a deal. They will only be able to vote once on a given deal.

Only paying Jolt Takers will be able to rate a Jolt Maker. For every guidance they buy they get one vote on the Jolt Guidance and one on the Jolt Maker behind the guidance.

Quality Ensurance

TradetJolt will actively manage this market in order to uphold the highest of quality standards. It reserves the right to exclude any participants who violate its Terms and Conditions without providing any notice.

Each Jolt Maker must provide a bio, available to the viewers. Jolt Takers who have paid for the guidance will later have an opportunity to rate that guidance. They will also be able to rate the Jolt Makers who have published that guidance. In this way, the best options and crypto trading opportunities quickly become known, and Jolt Makers develop reputations backed by real events and user experiences.

To encourage an active, enriching forum experience and to discourage abusive disparagement, Jolt Makers can also issue a rating on Jolt Taker who have purchased their guidance and participated in the surrounding forums regarding that guidance.

Because Jolt Makers can block access to their guidance to low-ranked Jolt Takers, users have an incentive to behave in a cooperative, honest fashion.

A Jolt Taker always knows what the cost of a given Jolt Guidance is prior to beign charged, as these are included in the Jolt Menu. Jolt Takers can also protect themselves from paying for ill-timed deals by paying careful attention to the Expiry Date and Best Bought Above / Below feature of the underlying security's price. These are always included in the Jolt Menu.

TradeJolt reserves the right to exclusively reject any Jolt Maker who does not meet our initial standards, or continue to uphold them. We are the exclusive arbiter of those standards. TradeJolt does take a responsibility for scrutinizing each trade prior to its publication on the Jolts Market. TradeJolt will not permit any trade whichTradeJolt deems to be an outright fraud or making promising implausible returns for little risk.

At times, the trade's plausibility and rationale will not be crystal clear. At such times, TradeJolt will allow the trade to appear but will attach a clear warning label to the user: TradeJolt Warning : Cautionary Trade. A deal marked "cautionary" may still turn out to be profitable, but our editorial staff feels it needs an extra note of caution to protect traders considering the opportunity.

By allowing these trades to remain the in Jolts Market, TradeJolt acknowledges that neither its editorial staff can ever be the perfect arbiter of what is a safe trade.

TradeJolt does not accept any legal obligations for the actions or writings of these gurus. Prior to participating for the first time as a Jolt Taker, users must sign an acknowledgement that they are ultimately responsible for their own decisions and that they hold TradeJolt harmless for the effect of the trades on their portfolio.

As a consequence, if you are a Jolt Maker, you may see a delay of a few minutes during trading hours between publication of your Jolt Deal and appearance in the Jolt Market. We do our utmost do process these submissions quickly. Submissions made before midnight should always appear before the next market open.

The role of TradeJolt is to screen these Jolt Makers as best it can. It does so by initially reviewing the information contained in the bio for accuracy. Additionally, new Jolt Deals published are viewed for obvious falsehoods or implausible returns. TradeJolt reserves the right to exclude any Jolt Maker from the Jolts Market at any time. The reasons for these exclusions are entirely at TradeJolt's discretion.

We encourage subscribed users to participate actively in the forums surrounding these deals. The most active users will be rewarded with valuable discounts and other prizes. More details of these rewards will be published soon.

The intention here is to create a market that rewards high levels of accuracy, lead quality and a friendly user environment.