TradeJolt is an educational site dedicated to the active trader. It is not a brokerage. The site is intended as a teaching tool.

TradeJolt demonstrates that an active trader, with a carefully calibrated strategy, can achieve results far in excess of what is considered "reasonable" by most market experts. By using stops and limits on the trades, and paying close attention to technical criteria such as volume and resistance levels, we believe that trade losses can be held to a minimum.

In our blog, from time to time, we discuss the results of our own trading strategies, both winners and losers. This is an educational feature for the benefit of our readers. While we try to publish a lot of our trades, we do not claim to exhaustively do so. This is very time intensive, and is not required to teach our principles. However, we try to keep a running tally of our strategies' overall performance, as well as the cash flow they generate.

Look at our trades from day to day. Line up our winners and our losers - yes there will be losers too. We believe you'll conclude as we do, that technical, tactical short- and medium-term trading can be very profitable. But it must be done with a strict methodology and a constant balancing of risks and rewards.

All visitors, even those who have not subscribed, are able to view our Featured Page,. We wish to warn you: At the time you're reading it, the featured trade will usually be too late to enter it for your own trading. In fact, late entries into such trades are more likely to yield losses than gains , as they will be "chasing" already heavily oversubscribed positions. We strongly advise you not to try to shadow these trades with real money. for that reason.

The Featured Page is an educational tool, intended to introduce readers to some of our methodologies in options and stock trading. Later, we'll be adding cryptocurrency trading to the mix, as this field of finance matures.

Since the featured examples are intended as learning tools, they will not always be be up to date. Again, readers are warned to emulate these trades at their own risk, with the knowledge that the pricing and events surrounding the original trades may have changed.

We invite you to sign up for our free Forum membership. In these forums, you'll find out what other traders and investors have to say about our strategies, the issues they've encountered in deploying them, their own trading results, suggestions for improvements and many other topics related to trading. The forum is lightly moderated and we reserve the right to remove content found to be offensive, misleading or unrelated. We do our best to combat spambots.

Visitors who wish to have more actionable trading information, which they can use to make money now, have three choices:

  • Jolts Market : For active investors who comfortable doing their own trades. Every day you'll see new trades selected by participating authors as the best trades they've found. These authors - we call them Jolt Makers publish the trades in the hope you'll need help placing the trades they publicize - and will pay them a fee for doing so.
  • Automatic Trading Services For passive investors who want the potential rewards of our strategical trading, but don't necessarily want to sweat all the details.
    Sometimes these are investors who are not yet comfortable they have the knowledge to select and place their own trades. More often these will be seasoned investors who
    simply lead busy lives and do not have the time to dedicate full time to trading. They've examined the methodologies behind our trading algortithms and prefer autotrading these
    in their own brokerage accounts to more traditional buy-and-hold, rebalance once or twice a year, mutual-fund-heavy approaches.
  • Have A pro handle it. For those preferring to have an expert handling their finances, we can refer you to a number of qualified Registered Investment Advisors with whom you can establish an advisory relationship.This will appeal to people who like what they see on these pages, but prefer to operate their investments in a traditional client - advisor relationship, with full access to professional advice.

Who is behind TradeJolt?

Serge d'Adesky Portrait Serge d'Adesky is the founder of Tradejolt, and its chief architect. Serge resides in Ormond Beach, Florida. His education includes: Yale College, B.A. Political Science, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and a M.A. International Economics.

Serge also publishes a number of other blogs: Great Investment Strategies- a site dedicated to the long-term investor. - a site focused on the rapidly emergent cryptocurrency sector. Serge maintains YouTube channels found at TradeJolt and soon-to-be-released decryptofied. Serge's articles have also been published in leading online publications such as Seeking Alpha and Bloomberg.

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Inquiries about our products and services are given priority when filling out our contact form. But you may also email us at Our daytime phone number is (386) 243-0683‬. Office hours are Mo-Fr from 9am to 5pm EST.