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Version 1.0 updated July 14, 2021

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TradeJolt Inc ("TradeJolt", "we", "us") provides its website "TradeJolt" located at "https://tradejolt.com" (together with all other websites, mobile applications and services operated by or on behalf of TradeJolt,Inc., the "Site"), to you, an individual user ("you") for your individual usage, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

1.0 Agreement

1.1 By using the Site, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use (the "TOU"). If you continue to use this site, you are thereby stipulating that you to the terms and conditions contained in the TOU. You are also agreeing to TradeJolt's privacy policy.

1.2 The Site is intended to be accessed and used only by individuals that have reached the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction where they are located, which may be 18 years or older, depending on the jurisdiction. You may not use or access this Site unless you have reached the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction where you are located.
1.3 If we have reason to believe you are under the age of 18, TradeJolt will suspend your ability to access this site to the extent possible.

2.0 Modifications of the TOU

TradeJolt reserves the right at any time to

  • 2.1 Modify the terms and conditions of the TOU;
  • 2.2 Modify the Site, including eliminating or discontinuing any content or feature of the Site; or
  • 2.3 Impose fees, charges or other conditions for use of the Site or parts thereof (with reasonable notice).

2.4 TradeJolt may modify the Site at any time without prior notice, and you accept those modifications if you continue to use the Site. You should check the Site frequently to see recent changes.

3.0 Essential Securities Disclaimer and Risks of Trading

3.1 Most of our information is derived directly from information published by the companies on which we report and/or from other sources we believe are reliable, without our independent verification. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the information is accurate or complete. We do not in any way warrant or guarantee the success of any action which you take in reliance on our statements.

3.2 You should be aware that

  • most hypothetical performance results benefit from the advantage of hindsight
  • there can be acute differences between hypothetical performance results and the results obtained in actual trading
  • hypothetical trading does not reflect an individual's ability to withstand losses or to stick with a system despite mounting losses

3.3 For all of these reasons, it should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or trades presented in these pages will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Past results can not necessarily be replicated in the future. Investing in equities, derivatives, bonds or mutual funds all involves a high degree of risk in trading.

3.4 We encourage you to invest carefully and to utilize the information available at the websites of the Securities and Exchange Commission at http://www.sec.gov and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority at http://www.FINRA.org. You can review public companies' filings at the SEC's EDGAR page. The FINRA has published information on how to invest carefully at its website.

3.5 We encourage you to get personal advice from your professional investment advisor or to make independent investigations before acting on information that we publish. Most of our information is derived directly from information published by the companies on which we report and/or from other sources we believe are reliable, without our independent verification. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the information is accurate or complete. We do not in any way warrant or guarantee the success of any action which you take in reliance on our statements.

3.6 Portions of this website discuss exchange-traded options issued by The Options Clearing Corporation. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Prior to buying or selling an option, a person must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Copies of this document may be obtained from your broker, from any exchange on which options are traded or by contacting The Options Clearing Corporation, One North Wacker Dr., Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60606 or by calling 1-888-OPTIONS .

3.7 Nothing on these pages should be construed as a solicitation of any order to buy or sell. The authors, the publisher, and all affiliates assume no responsibility for your trading results. By using this site, you accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold http://www.tradejolt.com, and its owner, TradeJolt Inc, harmless in any and all ways.

4.0 Educational Purposes of Site

4.1 The website is set up for educational purposes only and does not constitute specific financial advice.

5.0 TradeJolt is not a brokerage or a licensed financial institution. We do not provide financial advice.

5.1 TradeJolt.com is not a licensed finanical advisor. The content on the Site is being provided for educational purposes only.
5.2 Nothing in these pages should be construed as financial advice appropriate for individuals. Professional tax adivsors must undergo rigrorous years of training in their professions. Futhermore, they must be intricately familiar with the specifics of your personal financial situation in order to advise on the apppropriateness of an investment. TradeJolt is not licensed to perform that function.
5.3 Consequently, TradeJolt does it provide tax, legal, insurance or investment advice.
5.4 No information on this website is intended to give individual financial advice.
5.5 Nothing on the Site should be construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any security by TradeJolt or any third party.

6.0 You Alone Are Responsible for Your Trading Decisions

6.1 You alone are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, security or strategy, or any other product or service, is appropriate or suitable for you based on your investment objectives and personal and financial situation and for evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of the information on the Site before making any decisions based on such information or other content.
6.2 You should consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation.
6.3 You understand that no content published on the Site constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person.
6.4 You further understand that none of the bloggers, information providers, app providers, or their affiliates are advising you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter.
6.5 To the extent that any of the content published on the Site may be deemed to be investment advice or recommendations in connection with a particular security, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person. You understand that an investment in any security is subject to a number of risks, and that discussions of any security published on the Site will not contain a list or description of relevant risk factors. In addition, please note that some of the stocks about which content is published on the Site have a low market capitalization and/or insufficient public float. Such stocks are subject to more risk than stocks of larger companies, including greater volatility, lower liquidity and less publicly available information. Blogs, postings or content on the Site which may or may not be deemed by you to be recommendations may have an effect on their stock prices.
6.6 Specifically, with regard to the trading recipe's labeled Jolts featured in our Jolts Marketplace, as well as the algorithmic subscriptions, you understand that none of the bloggers, information providers, app providers, or their affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "site authors") are advising you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter.
6.7 These site authors are not aware of your risk tolerances, your overall financial situation and the specifics of your situation. In many cases, these site authors are not professional financial advisors, and may not possess the necessary expertise to guide you in your decisions even if they knew the specifics of your situation.
6.8 You are strongly advised to only follow their trades after consulting with a licensed financial professional (see section 7.0 below).
6.9 By accepting to pay for these recipes, or acting upon any of the investments discussed on the site or obtained through the electronic subscriptions and auto-trading services, you are agreeing that you are the sole person responsible for judging the suitability of these investments for you.
6.10 You agree you will hold these blog authors harmless for the results of any investment you make after reading their postings.
6.11 You understand that the Site may contain opinions from time to time with regard to securities mentioned in other TradeJolt blogs or products, and that opinions in one blog or product may be different from those in another blog or product. Any views or opinions expressed may not reflect those of TradeJolt as a whole. We require all employees to disclose every stock in which they, their immediate family, or any entity under their control, have a personal interest, if such stock is mentioned in a blog, post, or content which they write. However, you understand and agree that non-employees, including outside bloggers or other content contributors or their affiliates, may write about securities in which they or their firms have a position, that they may trade for their own account, and that they may or may not be subject to a disclosure policy. In cases where TradeJolt becomes aware that one of its employees has violated his or her disclosure obligation, TradeJolt will take appropriate action. In addition, outside bloggers or content contributors may be subject to certain restrictions on trading for their own account. However, you understand and agree that at the time of any transaction that you make, one or more bloggers or content contributors or their affiliates may have a position in the securities they write about.
6.12 You understand that performance data is supplied by sources believed to be reliable, that the calculations on our Site are made using such data, and that such calculations are not guaranteed by these sources, the information providers, or any other person or entity, and may not be complete.

7.0 Referrals to Registered Investment Advisors

7.1 TradeJolt does maintain a list of financial professionals to which it refers individuals who seek such services. TradeJolt certifies that all financial Advisors in our referral program are registered investment advisors (RIA's) in their respective states or through the SEC.
7.2 TradeJolt periodically checks that these RIA's remain in good standing with their respective jurisdictions. It will immediately delist any financial advisor who fails to maintain good standing with its respective jurisdiction.
7.3 You should be aware that these financial advisors have paid a listing fee for being included in the service. You should also be aware that a lack of listing for a given RIA does not reflect favorably or disfavorably on that RIA.
7.4 Your election to become a Client of an advisor in our network is subject to your explicit enrollment and acceptance of a separate Agreement and related fee schedule; all such wealth management Services are separate from our Site and related Services defined within this Agreement.
7.5 TradeJolt does not certify or rank the abilities or advice of these RIA's, but rather matches those RIA's to users based on specific features of service offered by the RIA's and judged to be important by the advice seekers (geographical location, years in practice, assets under management, minimum account size).
7.6 TradeJolt does not accept any liability for the advice given by those referred RIA's. That liability remains with the RIA with whom you have have signed an agreement.

8.0 Trading Tips Do Not Constitute Financial Advice

A section of our website, Jolts Marketplace features timely trading opporunities that have been indentified by our site authors, called JoltMakers.

It is critically important that you are aware that by using this site you acknowledge the following points:

  • 8.1 These do not constitute individualized, risk-weighted financial advice
  • 8.2 Jolts trades may be high risk investments that can lose money.
  • 8.3 You are solely responsible for determining the trades' risk, and the appropriateness to your portfolio and situation
  • 8.4 The JoltMakers may not be trained professionals
  • 8.5 Even if they were RIA's, they cannot provide you are not providing you with specific financial advice tailored to your needs
  • 8.6 The JoltMakers reject all liability for the results of your trade.
  • 8.7 No refunds will be provided for unprofitable Jolt Recipes sold througgh the marketplace. No guarantee is made as to the profitablity of any trade published on Jolts. You alone should be the judge of those trades and their suitability to your portfolio.

8.8 All users must electonically sign a Usage Agreement prior to participating in the purchase of a Trade Recipe.

9.0 Fairness of Presentations

9.1 When a writer on this site writes about a security that he or she owns or beneficially owns, whether in a long or a short position, or in a derivative therof, that fact is disclosed prominently within each article.

10.0 Third Party Links
10.1 This site will occasionally display links to other websites or resources sponsored by other parties for the reader's convenience. The publishers of tradejolt.com are not responsible, do not endorse and cannot be held liable for the advertising, products and services offered on such third party websites.
10.2 Furthermore, we can not and do not review all sites linking to this Site, and cannot be responsible for the content of any off-site pages or other websites linked to this Site.

11.0 User Content and Usage Policies

11.1 For this TOU, User Content is defined any and all information transmitted through or communicated via this Site. Non-public content is all content that requires a sign-in to be visible. Public content is all content that does not require a sign in to be visible.
11.2 You hereby agree not to submit any Non-public Content that is in violation of any third-party right, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; (ii) that is illegal, abusive, tortious, threatening, invasive of another’s privacy, vulgar, defamatory, false, intentionally misleading, trade libelous, pornographic, obscene, patently offensive, fosters hatred or racism, or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual; (iii) that can cause harm to minors in any way; or (iv) that is in violation of any US state, US federal or international laws.
11.3 You are prohibited from claiming that any User Content submitted by you has our endorsement or sponsorship. You alone are responsible for your submitted User Content. As such you open yourself to liability if your User Content violates our TOU.
11.4 TradeJolt is not required to maintain a permanent copy of any User Content. Your User Content may be extinguished at any time without your prior consent or notifcation. You yourself are responsible for mantaining backup copies of your postings if you so wish.

12 Indemnification

12.1 You agree to indemnify TradeJolt and hold TradeJolt (as well as owners, staff or agents) harmless, including costs and attorneys’ fees, from any demand or claim raised by any third party caused by or following from (a) your usage of the Site, (b) your violation of our TOU (c) your violation of applicable US state or federal laws or regulations or (d) your User Content. TradeJolt reserves the right, at your cost, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnify us, and you pledge that you will cooperate with our defense of these claims. You are hereby prohibited from settling any matter without the prior written consent of TradeJolt. TradeJolt will use reasonable efforts to make you aware of any such claims, actions or proceedings upon acquiring knowledge of these.
12.2 By these Terms, Company grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, limited license to use and access the Site solely for your own personal use.

12.0 Copyright

13.1 All rights reserved. Beyond the user's personal reading, no license is granted for any other use of the material presented on this site. This publication is proprietary. We do not grant you the right to disseminate any part of the content unless you've obtained prior written approval from TradeJolt, its operating entity or the principals therein.
13.2 Specifically, by using this site you understant that (a) you shall not lease, sell, rent, transfer, assign, distribute, host, or otherwise commercially exploit the Site, whether in whole or in part, or any content displayed on the Site unless you've obtained prior written approval from TradeJolt, its operating entity or the principals therein you shall not modify, disassemble, reverse engineer or screen scrape any part of the Site; and (d) except as expressly stated earlier no part of thise Site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means. Any future releases of this site and its functionality will be subject to these Terms.
13.3 TradeJolt is under no obligation to support your usage of this site. By using this site you ackonwledge that fact. That said, TradeJolt will have the right to support users from time to time and is motivated to do so.
13.4 Notice of TradeJolt's copyright must be included in any authorized partial publication of this Site's contents. Pursuant to U.S.Copyright law, we will pursue damages for liability or infringing a copyright that can total up to $30,000 per infringement. If willfully done, the infringement can be up to $150,000 per occurrence, in addition to the recovery of costs and attorneys' fees.

14.0 Termination of Rights

14.1 These terms and conditions will remain effective as long as you use the Site. We may halt your rights to use the Site at any time. The reasons are entirely at our dicretion, if we find you are violating any of the terms of this agreement.
14.2 Your rights under this agreement will immediately cease. Nevertheless, the provisions of section 12 remain binding on you.