TradeJolt Platinum Membership Setup

Platinum Levels for Fully Automated Personal Trading Solutions in Your Private Brokerage Account

Cost : $10000 per month.
Portfolio sizes: $1,000,001 - $10,000,000

Levels above $10 million are recommended to contact TradeJolt's owners, listed below, for a tailor-made solutions adapted to their unique needs.

We have three membership levels for investors or traders who just want to make money without sweating the details. These memberships allow you to set up your private accounts at a choice of participating brokerages and exchanges (Right now Interactive Brokers, Alpaca, Oanda, GDAX, BitFinex,FXCM), allowing you to trade in stocks, options, futures or cryptocurrencies. We hope to grow this list of brokerages in the future. With software we provide, you'll be able to link of those accounts to our trading strategies, so that trades identified by the algorithm are automatically transacted in your account. You control the process. You turn it on and off at will. You decide your risk tolerance. You determine the percentage of your account to allocate to these strategies. You interface with your familiar brokerage reports. And of course, you take responsibility.

These memberships are recommended for two groups of investors :

  • Sophisticated, knowledgeable traders who do not want the burden of placing trades manually or are worried about the trading impact of delaying important time-sensitive trades.
  • Investors who are not experienced in certain investment markets but like the potential returns that they can offer. They are investors who are confident enough to forego the services of a traditional investment advisor or who have already consulted with their financial advisor.

We offer three levels, Silver,Platinum and Platinum based on the size of your portfolio. Members are limited to one membership only.

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