TradeJolt makes this content available as an educational material only. This material is not intended to encourage you to trade, nor is it a solicitation to buy or sell options.

Options trading, by its very nature, involves risk. You could, and often will, lose all of the money you put in a trade. In some trades, you can lose more than what you put up, up to the full value of your account.

Even when a trade might seem simple, you can make a mistake in placing the trade. A so-called "fat finger" error.
Recovering from such errors can lead you to take on greater risk than you anticipated originally.

You should never trade options with real money until you've at least practiced placing options trades with a virtual account, involving real time trades but only simulated financial transactions. You should do this for multiple weeks until you're very familiar with the process.

Be sure you consult with an expert, or know all of the risks implied in a trade before trying any of the positions shown in this video. We do not take responsibility for the losses you may incur.

Please take these warnings to heart. Be sure to read our full disclosure at options disclosure before contemplating any option trade.