Announcing official roll out of Bronze Subscription For Milk The Cow

Since we published our original article on our Milk The Cow strategy about a year ago on Seeking Alpha, we've had a lot of users wanting to subscribe to the Bronze membership ($100 / a month) for the signals service.

We were having a lot issues getting our website membership functionality implemented. This was due to a glitch that took us a loooonnnng time to identify, but which prevented Stripe merchant credit card signals from being sent to and from Stripe. (For curious programmers, it was not the Stripe or the membership API, but rather a faulty compatibility between the latest version of WordPress and the WordPress theme we've been using for the last 6 years. )

Since we were involved in many other activities centered around a new Jolts marketplace, we preferred to wait until this was resolved before accepting memberships in the Bronze service.

That Service is now ready to accept memberships. We'll be contacting those of you who've shown an interest. We thank you for your patience!

You'll also be happy to know that we finished the first year of actual trading at a decent profit (around 17%). This was less than we'd hoped for, but the issues we identified with our approach last September - October have since been tweaked and the algo - we believe - significantly improved. We think this tweaked approach deals better with periods of high volatility. That's good, cause we think a big storm is on the horizon over the next two years that could carry stocks down 60% to 80%. Meanwhile, bonds are paying a negative return.

Please post any questions you may have in the Forums Milk the Cow topic section so that others may benefit from our responses.